The SLIDING K has been active in the reining horse industry for over 30 years. We strongly believed in giving the two year olds we started a solid foundation on which they start their reining or desired careers of which they took successfully. We took the extra time to ensure our young stars were started quietly and correctly before they moved into the demanding training program required for a reiner or their desired careers.
NOW, here at SLIDING K we are here to help YOU! We still do offer selling not only reining, but trail riding, ranch riding, roping, cattle work, Ranch Trail and much more as well as lessons, teaching you and your horse how to unit together as one! No matter what you do as a discipline with your horse.
Throughout the years, we have been privileged to build many fine teams of riders and horses by matching the horses we sell with the correct owners-riders or riders-owners with the correct horses. We took special care and personal interest in assisting our amateur horse people and non-pro riders with finding the best Non-pro, Ranch Riding, Roping, and above all, great Trail Riding prospect (as all horses should be able to be enjoyed out of the arena as well), available that match the abilities and needs of both the horse and the rider. Fitting for many years over 150 matches a year.
Our other SERVICES we offer ARE: counseling over phone, FB PM, Text or email, even with video, of any problems you may have with your horse. Also setting you up with shot, worming, showing or feeding programs your horses should be on given your environment and locations. Along with equipment you may need to handle or ride your horse with, given your discipline choice of riding! Really just anything you need help with we are here for you! Many of our customers have been with us since we first started training reiners more than 3 decades ago.
To learn more about our program please look through our WEBSITE, FACEBOOK (Sliding K Performance Horses or Kimberly S Ferguson) & look us up on YOUTUBE AS WELL.
Residing in Dover, MN.