On anything in the horse Industry

  • Buying a horse
  • Selling a horse
  • Riding of any discipline
  • Training of any discipline
  • Choosing the right trainer
  • Counseling for owning the right horse for you and what you want to do with them in your budget range.
  • Developing a program for your horse and you whether it be riding, feeding, stable requirements, trimming/ shoeing or shots and general care.
  • Choosing the right trainer for you and the discipline you want to go with your horse if you choose to go that route.
  • Boarding facilities you may want to go to and what they should or should not offer for what price ranges they have.
  • AND SO SO MUCH MORE…. just anything you need for you and your horse we are here for you, if don’t have the answers we will find them for you or direct you in the right direction for them.

Let me know if I can help.